It hardly seems real that in a month we will be waking up in Nepal!  We’re currently due to fly in on the 8th of December.

Our older son Caleb doesn’t remember his first, month-long visit to the country, when he was only one year old, but he’s accepted our assurances that he enjoyed it.

Joel, Fiona, and Caleb in Kathmandu in 2012

Our boisterous younger son Isaac, who is only one and a half years old himself, is blissfully unaware that he’s about to become a Third Culture Kid.

And Fiona and I, who both grew up in Nepal, are still so caught up in the details of leaving that it’s hard to imagine it all being done in a month’s time.

Thankfully, we know we’re moving into a good house which came through the April earthquakes without a crack.  We also know something of what our first months in country will hold — language study, cultural orientation, and building relationships with our Nepali and international colleagues in the United Mission to Nepal.  We’ll post again with more detail (and first impressions) after we arrive.

For the coming month, however, we’d be grateful for prayer on the following points:

  • Peace and energy for us in our final weeks of packing and preparation.
  • Good health for us all, especially Caleb and Isaac.
  • Wisdom for Joel and Fiona as we lead both boys but especially Caleb through the transition to Nepal. Pray comfort where comfort is needed, excitement and joy in discovery of new things and people, and adaptability to cope with the many changes.
  • For Caleb, Joel, and Fiona to quickly begin to make new friends. 
  • A resolution to the blockade of the Nepal-India border.
  • That given the acute fuel shortages we will be able to get us and our luggage from the airport to our home – and the same for our freight!

A bit more detail on these last two points: Nepal is a landlocked country, and relies almost entirely on India for trade goods. The two countries are currently at odds over several provisions of Nepal’s new constitution; the damage from the border blockade is already estimated to be higher than the damage from the April earthquakes, and affects far more of the country.

The fuel shortages are particularly crippling. At the moment, we are expecting to start our assignment with a winter of acute difficulty in transport, cooking, and heating our home.  A struggle for us, but a catastrophe for millions of Nepalis. Please join us in prayer for a prompt and peaceful resolution!


6 thoughts on “Preparations

  1. Looking forward to welcoming you! I sent you a email today, asking you a few Qs but reading this blog answers many of them!
    I’ll be praying for your preparations & we can help you through the fuel crisis!


  2. Dear Joel,
    I am happy 😊 that you and family 👪 came back to your mission. God be with you any where you go. God blessings.Akram Amin


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