Properly Planted

It’s been some time since our last update — many apologies!  “No news is good news…” for the most part; there’s much to praise the Lord for.

The boys on Caleb’s first day of “big school”

We’re both feeling like our family is properly planted in Nepal. The boys are thriving. Caleb has started classes at KISC, the school that Joel also attended from 1987-90, and is loving it. Isaac is figuring out the world at exponential two-year-old pace, and over the course of the stormy monsoon season he’s nearly managed to convince himself that he’s not scared of thunder. He’s also sleeping much, much better, thank God.

Fi is finding some friends, Nepali and expat — as well as some promising opportunities to get into the medicinal plant work that has been one of her key professional interests since university. One morning a week Fiona ‘teaches’, as a native English speaker, at the Nepali run pre-school that Caleb attended before KISC. It gives Isaac a chance to play in a different environment, and is a good place of community for Fiona. Another morning she and Isaac go to a mum’s bible study.

Both Fiona and Joel continue with language study, albeit at a slower pace. We’ve found the Nepali church that we expect to regularly attend. And we are settled into an evening international home group.

Three months into the UMN director job, things are going well for Joel. He’s repeatedly felt confirmation that this is the right role for him at this time. And so far it’s been a pleasure, a demanding but usually not stressful role.

So thank you so much for upholding us in prayer, and praise God for establishing us here!


There have been hard moments too, of course. In the summer a close friend died of cancer in the US, and it’s been difficult for Joel to be so (very) far away from the rest of his friends in a time of mourning. And the busyness of work plus the pace of life as parents of young children can be really exhausting.

Please pray that we’ll stay resilient and joyful through all kinds of circumstances. And please continue to pray for Joel in his responsibilities.


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