Family news

Thinking  back on everything we’re grateful for as a family…well, we spent a lovely Christmas break in the USA, and got to enjoy a good bit of time with grandparents, cousins, and snow.

Despite loving it, though, by the end Caleb and Isaac were very keen to come “home to Nepal.” They’re both happy here, and deepening their connections to the country.

In mid-March, we were able to take a week of family language study in a village near UMN’s Okhaldhunga Hospital. We loved to see our boys really enjoy village life and begin to seriously engage in learning Nepali. Some of the key phrases they now know: “Malai dinos!” (Give it to me!) “Nindra lagyo.” (Feeling sleepy.) “Ufranos, ba, ufranos!” (Jump, daddy, jump!)

After supper with our hosts, shortly before “nindra lagyo” was uttered

It’s important to us that Caleb and Isaac understand that our life in Kathmandu is very different to life for the majority of those living in Nepal. The only way for them to gain this understanding is to experience it themselves.

We also love to see them grow in faith. When we toured the Okhaldhunga Hospital, Isaac was very focused on the babies. In the emergency room there were a couple of sick babies waiting to be seen. Isaac wanted to pray for them. He screwed up his eyes, walked around and around in a small circle, and prayed in his hush-hush voice, ‘Thank you Jesus to make the baby better. For your peace.’

When we told him the next day that one of the babies was up and walking around and smiling (see picture below), the expression on his face was precious – dawning comprehension of a God who hears our prayers and heals. Please do pray that our boys continue to develop both their language skills and their faith.


Meanwhile, Joel continues to thrive in his job, and Fiona is feeling much better than she did last year with all its transitions. She’s much more settled, with new, life-giving friendships developing, and feels like she is again able to live (generally) from a place of peace rather than stress, with more energy than before.

We’d appreciate prayer for Fiona’s frequent migraines and headaches, though, which are probably made worse by Kathmandu’s dust and smog.  Joel has been coming down frequently with coughs and eye infections, likely for similar reasons.  Please keep our physical health in your prayers.

And for those with particularly great faith, please pray that local elections in May will bring in a new Kathmandu municipal government that actually manages to reduce air pollution!


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